Thursday, May 26, 2005

to live and die in LA

what a difference a coast makes. LA is the only place in the US that makes you feel ugly. Seriously everyone here is gorgeous. Even the pets. It's not pure aesthetics either. It's more that people here take pride in their appearance. Most people are slim or average. Very few are obese and lugging around spare tires and pot bellies. Everyone wears nice clothes regardless of what the occasion is. I fucked up by packing 1 brown dress shoe and 1 black shoe, so dressing up for me was not an option, since dress pants don't really go with brown new balance sneakers. I had to call the client and ask them permission to come to work in jeans and sneakers to which they replied "of course! this is california- its different out here." Also you wont see seaside tony rockin' a jump suit at the local walmart here, or that old guy wearing a seersucker blazer he picked up from sears for 50 cents. It doensn't take that much effort to look presentable when you step outside of your house. Together we can make NJ beautiful! I guess when the weather is sunny all year round like in LA, you just wanna get outdoors and be active. It must also play an integral role in facilitating a positive psychi which in itself is rejuvenating. That and if you were constantly surrounded by hot women you'd want to get in shape so you can get some california love...

Saturday, May 21, 2005

the politics of dancing

major developments this week-
I got called into my VP's office this week for a "talk". Apparently an SE in our company is leaving, and a position has opened up. The CEO has given me the nod and his blessing for me to voluntarily step up and take the position. It would mean significantly more pressure, but the compensation is sweet as well. THe only thing holding me back is that I don't want to screw my team over, since we are short handed right now to begin with. I also think that both my manager and the VP are great and I love working for them. To burn bridges would be an adverse result of this decision. Many minds have offered advice but I have until monday to give my decision. stay tuned..........

Sunday, May 15, 2005

I am the sic[drunk] walrus

Last nite was perfect. I was comfortably drunk and surrounded by good friends. Mike really came through and lined up a full spread for the bbq. We started at around 5 by going down to the courtyard to set up. When we got there we found that our asshole super overbooked the courtyard! One guy down there who was having a party was cool enough to let us have a grill and some space, so it worked out. At first no one really showed up, but at around 7 or 8 it was gettin live. Then we hit up branch in nyc at around 11ish. This place was dope as hell. Big dance floor, tables etc - the only problem was that there were no stalls in the bathroom ;)
anyway luckily enuff there was an indian bachelorette party there that nite- and that was all i needed . I rolled up to the bachelorette and asked her if she had any single friends. SHe points behind her , so i turn around and introduce myself to her friend. And that was all she wrote.
Of course I was drunk and forgot her name. I tried getting my friends to find out her name, but it was like the blind leading the blind. When she was leaving at the end of the nite, I asked her for her number to which she responds, " do u remember my name?"
no i dont i said.
She gave me the number anyway

It's good to be king

Saturday, May 14, 2005

God is a DJ

ok so its my bday today- im 25..... The last 4 years have been a blur. 4 years out of college. 4 years doing the daily grind. Routine really does make time fly by. I think i'm at a good point in terms of career and finances. As for everything else, well i could be thinner and the whole girl thing is getting very frustrating. So tonite I'm having friends over and then we're going to nyc to a club called branch. Should be good times. I think after this bday I'll be getting less and less excited about getting older. We'll see haha....

Saturday, May 07, 2005

On the brink of endgame

been really into music lately and trying to better myself as a musician. I took the plunge and signed up for intermed. guitar lessons near ft lee. I start next week- i need a hobby so i dont get into trouble (ie drinking) during the weekdays, and something to keep me more productive on the weekends. Im also planning a trip to europe in the fall, because ever since I got back from amsterdam this month, all I can think of is going back to Europe.

Music im into right now:
The bravery
Duran Duran - The astronaut
Breaking Benjamin- Saturate
Butch Walker

Look out for the new release of coldplay's new album, audioslave and nine inch nails.

Books I just read
Straight Man by Richard Russo
As She climbed across the table by JOnathan Lethem
Berlin - Anthony Beever

Neil Gaiman is coming out with a graphic novel: "From the incomparable imagination and lucid visions of Sandman creator Neil Gaiman and acclaimed artist and director Dave McKean -- and the innovative minds at The Jim Henson Company -- comes MirrorMask, a breathtaking journey through a strange and magical looking-glass world where anything can happen ... and frequently does. Here is the complete film book of the new high-water mark in family fantasy entertainment. The story of young Helena, daughter of the circus, comes vividly alive as we accompany her on her remarkable mission to a place far beyond wonder; a phantasmagorical quest to rescue."


im also turning 25 next weekend- that in itself is an entire new post. Stay tuned!

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