Sunday, December 18, 2005

back in brown

sorry. Yes i am. It's been waaaaaaaaaay to long since i've posted. This is probably because since the last time that I spoke to you I was doing the same thing: Getting fatter and more disgruntled.
It's holiday season - arguable the most akward time of the year because morons are always asking me I celebrate xmas. Why don't they ask me if I celebrate chanukah? I mean i could be sephartic alot easier than I could be christian right? In any case I just say yea I celebrate it since India just opened up a call center for Santa's workshop so we are gettin serviced the same as whitey.
In any case xmas is still an auspicios day for me since my Dad who apparently loved america so much, decided to get married on the holiest of holy days.......for CHRISTIANS! So xmas day comes and we have to celebrate the anniversary of 2 very hyper and paranoid indians I have EVER had the pleasure of meeting. Certainly not as merry and warm as xmas should be since there is no cable and the heat is at a toasty 62 F...
There might be the occasional FRO sighting and even some brownies, yet I tend to notice the absence of egg nogg, instead replaced with ovaltine chai and complimented with some third world biscuits. It might be in my best interest to marry into a white family where WASP-ish activities like wearing matching holiday-hued sweaters, singing xmas carols ( I'll be beatboxing of course) and sipping henny by the fireplace are the holiday activities.

In conclusion , I'm Ron Burgundy- go Fuck yourself San Diego!